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Positioning and Growth Strategy Marketing Tools

Tools and Resources to Grow and Stretch Your Brand

From global brand positioning to growth strategy consulting, Insight to Action offers industry-leading resources and tools to solidify your company’s position among global brand champions. Our consultants and advisors use market research to build out actionable steps and strategies with one goal in mind: growth.

We’re far from your garden variety market research firm. To find out more about our client-first collaborative process, reach out today, or dive into our resources, tools, and insights below.

Resources for Brand and Market Growth Strategies

Positioning is a critical element for connecting your product line and branding to the right market. Your customers, your competitors, and your own company’s strengths and weaknesses must all be accounted for in order to create successful brand imaging. Making a meaningful connection with an audience who will innately value your offerings—that is the ultimate vision of each and every positioning strategy.
Growth Strategy
Have you identified your Strategic Growth Opportunity Areas (SGOAs)? Now is always the time to focus on growth. Growth strategies identify—and capitalize on—new or expanded market share opportunities, with an eye to long-term profitability and sustainability. Growth strategies encourage brands to seize the day, recognizing that if you aren’t moving forward, you’re moving backward.
Brand Strategy
Brand strategies bridge the gap between quantitative research and qualitative knowledge, i.e. facts vs emotions, with the goal of brand development and awareness—and, ultimately, growth. From naming to packaging to product pipelines, strategic innovation rooted in data and trend analyses is the name of the game to deepen and refine your brand’s appeal and market share.
Pricing Strategy
The right pricing strategy requires a thorough understanding of the body of consumer psychology research in this field. Our resource articles help readers move towards maximizing brand value and optimizing growth potential. Get the facts on pricing strategies used by CPG brands, service industries, small business and more.
Innovation Strategy
Diversify and stretch into new spaces with an innovation strategy. Whether you have your eye on the seamless rollout of a new product, or a rewarding pursuit of an expanded market, reduce your risk and increase your profits by knowing how, why, and where your energies should be focused next. Forward-thinking innovation, rooted in market data and research, is the ultimate driver of sustainable brand value.
Channel Strategy
Where will you connect with your audience next? A channel strategy asks your team to take a step back and consider the many ways that consumers shop, spend, and socialize with your brand. Diversify your opportunities to connect with your key markets—and reach new ones—with a data-driven channel strategy.
Competitor Analysis
Have you identified your competitors’ Achilles’ Heels? A data-driven evaluation of your competition’s strengths and weaknesses is critical to understanding your own position in the marketplace—and how to focus your next move. A competitive analysis offers actionable insights into the growth strategy, brand positioning, innovation pipeline, marketing spend, and organizational structure of the brands competing in your space.
New Products
New product development isn’t the result of creativity alone. Innovative product pipelines are the hard-earned result of a tremendous amount of research, strategizing, and consulting. From brainstorming to branding, and all the many details in between, the goal of new product development is to identify and capture profitable opportunities in markets new and old.
Customer Segmentation
Customer segmentation acknowledges that, while each of your potential customers is unique, it is possible to identify the patterns, habits, behaviors, and needs that collectively drive them and the purchase decisions they make. Both B2B and B2C brands rely on customer segmentation as a foundational element in the development of marketing and sales strategies capable of genuinely infiltrating target markets.
Your naming strategy carries the heavy lift of communicating purpose and benefit to busy consumers at a glance. It is the first, and sometimes only, point of contact in a sea of brand bombardment. Fanciful names are no longer enough to make an impact. They must be pronounceable, appealing, succinct—and vetted by your target market, influencers, and a legal review.
Market Segmentation
Market segmentation is the driving force behind understanding your target customers, from how and why they use your products, to why they do—or don’t—find value in your brand. Breakthrough product development success stories are all rooted in thorough market segmentation research that effectively groups, categorizes, and defines potential consumers by their needs, locations, and values to facilitate brand adoption and loyalty.
Market Trends
Insight into market trends and the underlying drivers of the demand is essential for strategy and execution. While historical understanding of the market, category and channel dynamics is foundational and required, a view of the evolving and future demand is needed for effective strategy and marketing decision making.

Innovative Positioning and Growth Strategies for Global Brand Leadership

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