Insight to Action specializes in the creation of ownable names and alternatives aligned with a brand’s desired positioning by recognizing and defining the customer journey and guiding customers to your brand. Tested with target customers and influencers, and vetted by legal review, our team produces names that:

  • Are pronounceable, appealing, and succinct
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of the product or brand to ensure near instantaneous recognition and engagement
  • Bring value and impact to your organization from the very first customer touchpoint
Developing B2B Names to Create a Great First Impression
Developing B2B Names to Create a Great First Impression

B2B Company Names Need to Work Hard In B2B, the company’s name is one of the first things a prospective customer sees or hears.  In developing B2B names, the company should convey its purpose and distinctiveness to customers without requiring…

Global Naming Practices: Captique Case Study
Global Naming Practices: Captique Case Study

Global Naming Practices for Cosmetic Procedures We were recommended by a board member to a business that urgently needed three to five appealing product names that could be used in the US and Canada, and ideally, globally.  The product was…

B2B Branding and Marketing Success Story: Ingredion

Ingredion Signals Its Strategic Commitment with Its Name On February 14th, Ingredion Incorporated CEO and Chairman Ilene Gordon addressed the Executive Club of Chicago and shared the story of how she has driven transformational growth for the company. Ingredion is a leading global ingredient…

Market Research Strategy Services with Impactful, Real-World Results

Insight to Action is a full-service market research strategy firm that values its partnerships with global brands and corporations. We focus on uncovering valuable growth opportunities to powerfully transform your brands and positioning, producing substantial, measurable results that quickly contribute to your bottom line.