Innovation Strategy

Organizational growth stems from innovation and ingenuity. Innovation strategies require research, or “drill sites,” defined as the intersection of benefits sought by the target customer segments for specific use requirements. Insight to Action helps your brand leverage its most viable opportunities, providing a roadmap leading to customer value and differentiation. An effective innovation strategy:

  • Defines market potential for reaching current targets more successfully, as well as for effectively and profitably penetrating new markets
  • Uncovers the full essence of your product, highlighting core benefits and characteristics capable of driving the success of a global brand
  • Produces new, substantial revenue streams for your organization, as well as the ultimate competitive edge: uniquely filling a gap or developing arena in the market.
Millennial Parents Navigate Disruptive Innovation Strategy in K-12 Education

Frozen Food Brands are Taking a Bite out of this 57 Million Student Market Opportunity It’s never been a better time for brands to develop disruptive innovation strategy than now. For Millennial parents, their world is filled with disruption, especially…

Innovation Strategy Matrix: How to Move Beyond Copy/Paste
Innovation Strategy Matrix: How to Move Beyond Copy/Paste

Category Frame of Reference Comes First: Convenience Store Innovation Strategy Matrix Example When it’s time to define a long-term innovation strategy matrix, start with the foundational questions, “What’s our frame of reference? Which category should we focus on?”  Selecting an…

Is Innovation Strategy Worth It for Your Business?
Is Innovation Strategy Worth It for Your Business?

With COVID disruption of demand, supply and how and where work is done in 2020, the focus for many is on managing near-term costs, cash flow to cover operating costs (especially labor costs), and near-term revenue.  Many business leaders are…

Innovation Strategy Business Model
Innovation Strategy Business Model

$50B Market Opportunity Identified for Innovation Strategy Business Model Convenient meals for lunch and dinner at home present a $50 billion market opportunity in the US.  Despite having strong brand equities and capabilities, a market structure analysis showed that one…

Timing Matters: Balancing Field, Expert and Headquarters Market Perspective for B2B Innovation Strategy

For B2B innovation strategy development over a one to five year horizon, my firm, Insight to Action recommends considering field, headquarters and expert primary insights perspectives. Of course, before conducting the new research, a critical first step is to leverage secondary sources…

Driving Front-End B2B Strategic Innovation by Understanding End-User Experiences

B2B firms often develop products and services that are ultimately experienced by end users with whom the firm has no contact. It can be challenging to develop market strategy and product innovation to suit these users’ needs while achieving results for the B2B firm’s direct customers. Here are two B2B examples from my firm, Insight to Action, that show the importance of understanding these end users and their experiences.

Driving Innovation from B2B Market Research

Thinking Through the Role and Value of Multiple Perspectives, from End User to HQ Decision Maker When conducting B2B market research for clients that sell to larger organizations (e.g., those with more than 1000 employees), it’s typically a given that…

Market Research Strategy Services with Impactful, Real-World Results

Insight to Action is a full-service market research strategy firm that values its partnerships with global brands and corporations. We focus on uncovering valuable growth opportunities to powerfully transform your brands and positioning, producing substantial, measurable results that quickly contribute to your bottom line.