Driving Market Research-Supported Business Growth and Positioning Strategies for B2B and B2C Clients

Insight to Action shares our clients’ growth mindset. A leading national market research and business consulting firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, our team of consultants and advisors provide innovative market research solutions focused on bottom-line results for B2B and B2C companies across the country. Our actionable strategies are based on in-depth market, brand, category, and competitive assessments.

Your success is our success. Each solution we provide, every strategy we develop is custom designed for our individual clients. Specializing in creative collaboration and analytical, fact-based approaches, Insight to Action uncovers your top growth opportunities. We never stop at just the numbers. We transform market research insights into next steps and long-term gameplans for immediate, measurable—and sustainable—growth.

Regardless of your speciality, Insight to Action specializes in you.

From SaaS software to food manufacturing, from L.A. to Luxembourg, we’ve collaborated with market-leading brands from a diverse and ever-growing list of industries to develop research-driven positioning and growth strategies.

We know market research. Now we want to get to know you.

The Values We Bring to Every Project

Collaborative Partnership

Insight to Action prioritizes collaborative partnerships with our clients. The result: Custom growth strategies based on in-depth marketplace findings that optimize the effectiveness and impact of your project or products. Together we build a vision, a core purpose, and a solid brand positioning plan designed for sustainable growth.


Insight to Action ignites organizational and market segment growth with a proven consultative approach resulting in immediately actionable solutions and an accelerated return on your investment. We pinpoint and capitalize on intentional, compelling growth opportunities for your brand or product.

Adaptive Mindset

Insight to Action’s team of Senior Advisors and Consultants offer wide-ranging expertise, from consumer packaged goods to the financial industry—and everything in between. Our adaptive mindset results in creative initiatives backed by research, and years of industry experience and insights.

Proven Processes

Insight to Action puts our years of business growth consulting to work for you by implementing proven marketplace research techniques and methodologies that produce clearly-defined business execution strategies.

Insightfully Fact-Driven

Insight to Action develops fact and demand-driven insights for our clients, but we never stop there. We bring data to life by strategizing effective brand and product differentiators for reaching specific target markets, and crafting actionable solutions from numbers, facts, and figures.

Intelligent Research and Growth Strategy Services

Growth Strategy
Insight to Action builds growth strategy roadmaps with 1, 3, and 5 year horizons to purposefully drive growth through market analysis, customer and prospect segmentation, new product and service demand discovery, and competitive differentiation.
Positioning involves optimizing and differentiating the platform a brand uses for targeting product lines and related messaging, including developing best practice marketing tactics and evaluating category trends.
Brand Strategy
Brand strategy focuses on maximizing the value of brand equity to kickstart growth. Driven by in-depth market research, Insight to Action provides a brand strategy toolkit for positioning, equity pyramid, brand pillars and architecture, and organizational “Rules of the Road.”
Market Segmentation
The essential goal of market segmentation is to understand the motivational factors driving the behavioral outcomes of any given segment. This results in a distinct picture of key category expansion opportunities and future growth strategies.
Innovation Strategy
Meaningful business growth consulting requires an innovation strategy roadmap leading to customer value and differentiation. An effective innovation strategy capitalizes on market potential and the full essence of the product or brand.
Channel Strategy
Insight to Action helps align distribution strategy (such as retail stores, eCommerce, call centers, and use of third party distributors) with the market demand of target customers, enhancing and growing your product and service channels.
Competitor Analysis
Insight to Action offers a competitor analysis strategy for 3-5 key competitors in a given space, in order to evaluate target customers, brand positioning, product and service offerings, innovation pipelines, and marketing spend levels.
Customer Segmentation
The goal of customer segmentation is to develop a richer understanding of a brand or product’s target customers by exploring and arranging customers of a market category into target segments grouped according to type.
New Products
Filling an innovation pipeline with new product concept revelations and development is critical to future growth. New products can be optimized and positioned to appeal functionally and emotionally to your key audiences.


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Insight to Action Client Testimonials

Nancy Gaul
Nancy Gaul
Global Marketing Director, Tate and Lyle

Michal (Insight to Action) brings a disciplined and strategic approach to her project work. She’s responsive, resourceful, and very dedicated to doing the best for clients. Because of these attributes, I recently asked for help to assess the marketplace for a new B2B ingredient launch. ITA conducted over 60 interviews of R&D, marketing, and quality assurance professionals in both manufacturing and operations. Her team is very resourceful, best in class, and we’re now in the process of implementing the recommendations.

Doug Gray
Doug Gray
Everett Smith Group

Insight to Action’s recommendations are always clear, actionable, and practical. The insights provided us, with the ability to be able to target our markets with great specificity, enabled us to make them actionable to maximize the profitability of the business.

Louie Psallidas
Louie Psallidas
Tijuana Flats Tex-Mex

The research project conducted by Michal (Insight to Action) gave us rich insights into our customers’ decision-making process. The insights were presented in a powerful way that enabled us to take the action steps needed to remain competitive in our segment. I highly recommend Michal and her firm.

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