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Brand Strategy

Brand strategy offers strategic guidelines to maximize the value of your brand equity and drive growth, carefully considering whether or not the proposed expansion will add to, or dilute, brand equity. Insight to Action’s toolkit includes a brand positioning research and concepts, brand equity pyramid, brand pillars, and “Rules of the Road” used to guide marketing tactics, innovation, and new product development.

  • Alignment and clarity on how to expand the brand into additional product categories
  • An intentional path to architect and strengthen the brand equity, with a focus on the most important emotional and functional benefits
  • Critical product standards that must be delivered against for the brand

Market Research Strategy Services with Impactful, Real-World Results

Insight to Action is a full-service market research strategy firm that values its partnerships with global brands and corporations. We focus on uncovering valuable growth opportunities to powerfully transform your brands and positioning, producing substantial, measurable results that quickly contribute to your bottom line.

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