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Sales & Marketing Strategy Consulting Services to Magnify Your Growth

From Market Research to Actionable Next Steps, and All the Strategies In Between

Insight to Action is a globally-recognized market research consulting firm that partners with leading fortune 500 companies. We drive opportunity and growth for the world’s most successful brands. With senior strategy consultants at the helm, excited to work with you and your team one-on-one, you’ll quickly see how our consulting services develop into an actionable growth strategy that your organization can quickly deploy.

Insight to Action will research, strategize, and implement tactics designed to meet—and exceed—specific business goals. Our methods are customer and market-centric, and move beyond a page filled with data, research, and numbers to ensure your team focuses on the most meaningful brand strategies, at the right time, for your preferred or new markets.

Our Services

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As a world-class marketing strategy and sales growth consulting firm, we can maximize your market, brand, and innovation potential. See for yourself why so many global brands partner with Insight to Action.

How We Partner with Our Clients


Positioning begins with identifying and understanding the target and potential markets your organization is not currently reaching. Insight to Action carefully evaluates influential category trends, emotional and functional benefits, as well as the most compelling reasons and rationale for customer buy-in and adoption in order to:

  • Help you differentiate your marketing platform to reach, or more effectively, target specific groups
  • Best position your product or brand with compelling reasons to buy
  • Create a value proposition for how your product or brand meets your target market’s unique challenges

Growth Strategy

Every organization knows that business growth is essential to success—and that growth begins with marketplace insights. To produce significant insights, you’ll need a game-changing strategy for growth. Through market analysis, customer and prospect segmentation, new product and service demand discovery, and competitive differentiation, our team identifies Strategic Growth Opportunity Areas (SGOAs) and builds out actionable market-driven strategies that:

  • Produce a pathway to expansion in current markets, as well as new target possibilities
  • Encourage lasting customer relationships, engagement, and experience
  • Drive usage, and ultimately profitability, for your products and brand

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy offers strategic guidelines to maximize the value of your brand equity and drive growth, carefully considering whether or not the proposed expansion will add to, or dilute, brand equity. Insight to Action’s toolkit includes a brand positioning research and concepts, brand equity pyramid, brand pillars, and “Rules of the Road” used to guide marketing tactics, innovation, and new product development. 

  • Alignment and clarity on how to expand the brand into additional product categories
  • An intentional path to architect and strengthen the brand equity, with a focus on the most important emotional and functional benefits
  • Critical product standards that must be delivered against for the brand

Pricing Strategy

The right pricing strategy requires a thorough understanding of the body of consumer psychology research in this field.  Insight to Action’s pricing strategy work helps clients maximize the value of their brands and optimize growth potential. You’ll gain understanding into:

  • How to encourage consumers to switch from a “buy or don’t buy” mindset into a “which option to buy” mindset
  • How all brands and products fit into a pricing portfolio, preventing overlap or gaps in pricing options
  • Pricing strategies deployed by competitors and how this will affect your brand’s position in the marketplace

Innovation Strategy

Organizational growth stems from innovation and ingenuity. Innovation strategies require research, or “drill sites,” defined as the intersection of benefits sought by the target customer segments for specific use requirements. Insight to Action helps your brand leverage its most viable opportunities, providing a roadmap leading to customer value and differentiation. An effective innovation strategy:

  • Defines market potential for reaching current targets more successfully, as well as for effectively and profitably penetrating new markets
  • Uncovers the full essence of your product, highlighting core benefits and characteristics capable of driving the success of a global brand
  • Produces new, substantial revenue streams for your organization, as well as the ultimate competitive edge: uniquely filling a gap or developing arena in the market.

Channel Strategy

Supply and demand are essential to business. Insight to Action evaluates your company’s internal organizational dynamics compared to the market demand of target customers. We help you identify the most effective channel strategy, from retail stores to eCommerce, third party distributors to call centers. Our channel strategy services offer:

  • Marketplace insights to help your team understand your customers’ specific needs and channel preferences
  • Identified opportunities to expand and enhance your product and service offerings by leveraging the most effective distribution strategy
  • Profitable growth through the development of best practices for multichannel distribution of your offerings

Competitor Analysis

Insight to Action offers a competitive assessment of 3-5 key competitors within your target market. By evaluating target customers, brand positioning, product and service offerings, innovation pipelines, marketing spend levels, growth, and additional business capabilities of related brands, our intelligence enables you to:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your competitors’ actions and anticipated future moves
  • Create a competitive advantage over key competitors in highly sought-after market spaces
  • Out-perform competitors with new and more clearly-targeted products and services


Insight to Action specializes in the creation of ownable names and alternatives aligned with a brand’s desired positioning by recognizing and defining the customer journey and guiding customers to your brand. Tested with target customers and influencers, and vetted by legal review, our team produces names that:

  • Are pronounceable, appealing, and succinct
  • Clearly communicate the benefits of the product or brand to ensure near instantaneous recognition and engagement
  • Bring value and impact to your organization from the very first customer touchpoint

Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation services examine the customer experience. The goal is to achieve maximum reach and potential. Deepen your overall understanding of your brand’s target customers by exploring and arranging multiple audiences into target segments. Each category consists of distinct buyer attributes, needs, behaviors, and motivations. This data is used to:

  • Define an engaging customer experience for specific user groups based on underlying values that drive their decision making
  • Refine your offerings for specific customer categories and identify untapped business possibilities
  • Craft actionable marketing and sales strategies via key customer segments

New Products

In today’s market, stagnation is never an option. Insight to Action partners with global brands to develop their innovation pipeline, ensuring that growth is consistent, attainable, and approached proactively. Typically related to the deployment of an underlying technical breakthrough or a recent acquisition, products can be:

  • Optimized and positioned to appeal functionally and emotionally to your target audiences
  • Aligned with your core business units, plans, and strategies
  • Integrated successfully into your profitability model to grow and increase your brand’s market opportunities

Market Segmentation

After exploring and selecting the correct frame of reference for the demand space, market segments are created and grouped by common underlying needs. Insight to Action thoughtfully examines customer relationships, emerging segments, brand perceptions, behavioral and emotional connections to your product, and the motivation to buy. You’ll gain:

  • Clear insight for key expansion categories, and strategies for how to reach those audiences with the most persuasive product and message
  • A greater understanding of customer preferences in specific segments, as well as customer loyalty recommendations
  • Identification of future growth opportunities—including product development—for the strategic use of your marketing budget

Marketing and Sales Strategy Consulting Services Producing Impactful Results

Insight to Action is a full-service marketing and sales strategy consulting firm serving clients globally from our homebase in Los Angeles, CA. We identify valuable growth opportunities that powerfully transform our partners’ approaches to success, producing substantial, measurable results that quickly contribute to their bottom line.

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