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2 Plans for Developing Your Leadership Skills in 2020: Which Will You Choose?

2 Plans for Developing Your Leadership Skills in 2020: Which Will You Choose?

In 2020, how will you “sharpen the saw” to be a better leader? There are two plans:

  1. On a Wing and a Prayer
  2. Systematic, Meaningful, and Accountable Peer Advisory

“On a Wing and a Prayer,” may be an inspirational topic for songwriters, but it’s hazardous for business leaders. But it seems to be a very popular choice, nonetheless.

“Systematic, Meaningful, and Accountable Peer Advisory” is, admittedly, less catchy. But following this plan will catch your leadership skills up to the highest level of performance.

Which of the two approaches below best describes your approach to your own leadership development in 2020?

The “Wing and a Prayer” choices do not constitute a meaningful plan.  As the leader of your organization who spends much of their waking time either at work or thinking about work, does that plan strike you as good enough?

Instead, in 2020, commit to a more systematic, meaningful, and accountable plan to become a better leader.  Take the next step now, and schedule a call or short meeting to discuss your leadership plan with me.  As a Vistage Chair, I coach a highly selective group of emerging and proven leaders to grow their business and develop their teams. I work with Chief Executives and leaders of South Bay and Southern California businesses as well as executives of the world’s most recognized brands (e.g., Ford, Gatorade, Mastercard, Vanguard, Kraft, Tylenol, Similac, Stella). Reach out to

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