Positioning Strategy

Positioning begins with identifying and understanding the target and potential markets your organization is not currently reaching. Insight to Action carefully evaluates influential category trends, emotional and functional benefits, as well as the most compelling reasons and rationale for customer buy-in and adoption in order to:

  • Help you differentiate your marketing platform to reach, or more effectively, target specific groups
  • Best position your product or brand with compelling reasons to buy
  • Create a value proposition for how your product or brand meets your target market’s unique challenges
Positioning Strategy for 6 Leading Travel Brands
Positioning Strategy for 6 Leading Travel Brands

Airbnb, Hopper, Expedia, Southwest Airlines, National Geographic and Booking Lead Other Travel Brands Six travel brands are recognized for their marketing, including innovation, customer experiences, and social media.  These brands have distinct approaches to positioning strategy, even though they are…

Positioning Strategy Examples with the Customer as Hero
Positioning Strategy Examples with the Customer as Hero

Who Wears the Cape, Brand or Customer? In these positioning strategy examples, I challenge readers to consider who the hero should be—your brand or your customer? When thinking about positioning your brand’s services and products to its target customers, it’s…

3 Positioning Strategy Examples from Outdoor Performance Brands
3 Positioning Strategy Examples from Outdoor Performance Brands

Gymshark, Ariat & Carhartt Perform Outdoors & in the Marketplace Get a new perspective from these three positioning strategy examples from leading outdoor performance brands. Each are making strong connections with their consumer base and winning in the market place. …

Positioning Strategy Template for a Premium Brand

Learn from 3 Premium Examples: Pepperidge Farm Farmhouse, Apple MacBook Pro and Bonne Mamam The positioning template is integral to designating a brand as premium.  It’s important to craft the brand strategy to align and reinforce the premium image at…

3 Positioning Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities
3 Positioning Strategy Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities

Nike, Supreme and Peloton See Success in Different Ways Here are three positioning examples of successful apparel brands that illustrate some of the possibilities and opportunities for positioning approaches. In any given category, there are many ways to position a…

Aspirational Brand Positioning Framework: 6 Examples
Aspirational Brand Positioning Strategy Framework: 6 Examples

Zillow, Peloton, Asana, Old Navy, Yelp & Instagram Aspire to Transformation An aspirational brand positioning framework connects with target consumers values and articulates a higher purpose.  Marketing executives from nine leading brands including Peloton, Old Navy, Asana, Gatorade, Oracle, Instagram,…

Positioning Strategy Template for New or Established Products
Positioning Strategy Template for New or Established Products

Why Do You Need A Positioning Strategy Template? You have a great new product, and you are ready to go-to-market. Or, you have an existing product that’s doing OK in the marketplace. Why would you need to follow a positioning…

9 Positioning Strategy Templates for Outdoor Brands
9 Positioning Strategy Templates for Outdoor Brands

Patagonia, Arc’teryx, REI & Moosejaw Are Leaders with Distinct Positioning Strategies Nine well known outdoor brands illustrate how a positioning strategy template varies by brand, even when in the same category.   For each brand, we’ll review the five interdependent pieces…

Positioning Framework Key Components
Positioning Strategy Framework Key Components

Positioning Framework: Why Having a Strong Positioning Matters Having a strong positioning is critical to establishing a successful brand. It is the articulation of what sets your brand apart from the competition in the mind of target consumers.  A positioning…

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