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Gratia Wright

Senior Consultant

Gratia Wright has been conducting consumer attitude and behavior studies within the consumer packaged goods, insurance, entertainment, finance, health care and social science industries since the late 1980’s. Prior to that she worked extensively in the market research field for Fortune 500 organizations as lead economist as well as administrator of market research activities, managing budgets exceeding $1.3 million annually. Ms. Wright’s experience includes organizing, conducting and analyzing qualitative studies, e.g., mystery shops, ethnography, shopping behavior focus groups, interviews and surveys involving sensitive issues. Industry experience includes insurance, food, personal goods, beauty, automobile industry, entertainment and healthcare. She has also led environmental workforce studies for the Department of Energy, evaluation research for NC Healthy Start Baby Love Plus, health research for major research institutions in Alabama, Washington, North Carolina and Vermont, race relations research for Z Smith Reynolds Foundation and education research for Southern Poverty Law Center, among others.

Ms. Wright was a recipient of a Research Expedition Associate Award to the Smithsonian Institute and has also served as political research consultant on issues such as the California School Voucher and Affirmative Action Initiatives as well as individual senatorial and gubernatorial campaigns. In addition, Gratia has authored and co-authored books and articles including, “Focus Group Training Module, What They Didn’t Tell Us About End-of-Life Care”, “Design and Standardization of the Test of Older Adults Knowledge of Psychological Difficulties”, and “Implementation of Mass Media Community Health Research”.

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