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Brand Positioning Strategy & Messaging

Develop a Proven Brand Positioning Strategy That Reaches Your Ideal Customer and Identifies Growth Opportunities

Partner with Consultants Who Leave No Stone Unturned

Every company, no matter how big or small, can use a healthy injection of strategic brand messaging. Perhaps sales have gone stagnant, you’re exploring a new venture, or you want increased performance with an upcoming product launch. Insight to Action is the brand positioning consulting firm that can define your brand value in a clear, compelling way and translate analytical data into meaningful actions.

Our Approach to Positioning Strategy

To achieve consistent sales growth and market penetration, your message must be clear-cut and consistent but also flexible enough  to meet shifting demands. Insight to Action develops a brand positioning strategy for growth based on what’s working for your business, emerging trends, and untapped market segments. Our consultants get to know you deeply to understand how your enterprise works, and how you envision it operating in the future.

Our analysis helps you answer core uncertainties, such as:

  • What demographics, motivations, and characteristics do your VIP customers share?
  • What emotional and functional benefits do buyers seek to prompt a purchase?
  • Why should prospects believe your business will deliver on promised benefits?

Your brand positioning lays the groundwork for all communications, including content creation, social media, PPC advertising, email marketing campaigns, new product development, and emerging market exploration.

How We Develop Your Brand Messaging

An effective, authentic brand messaging strategy shifts your company to the forefront of your customers’ minds, attracts new prospects, and enables you to work toward your company’s mission and purpose with exceptional efficiency.

While every client is unique, our process generally follows these steps:


Discovery and Planning:

Insight to Action interviews your management and stakeholders to get a clear understanding of your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. We may interview your target consumers to identify how they view your brand or to see where you fit within the broader market competition. We review any of your existing research that’s relevant to the project.

End Goals:

  • Summarize hypothesized benefit areas.
  • Outline developing positioning message statements.
  • Formulate a plan for conducting research that keeps a pulse on your status within your respective industry.

Research the Primary Target Customer:

We conduct a series of focus groups or  one-on-one interviews to test positioning messages.These conceptual statements lead with a clearly-defined benefit that has the power to resonate emotionally with consumers, while presenting a functional appeal that is supported by reasons to believe in your brand’s stated strengths.

End Goals: 

  • Identify which benefits are strongest and best supported.
  • Generate new ideas that resonate with your target market.
  • Discard ideas that don’t show potential.
  • Strengthen and polish the most promising ideas into winning concepts that will directly tie to your future success.

Secondary Research:

Due diligence is what you expect from your branding consulting firm. Before making final recommendations, we run a thorough review of your competitors to ensure there are no overlaps. We consult with independent, widely-respected experts in your field for category insights and information on developing trends that might affect your business.

End Goals:

  • Give you the leading edge.
  • Keep you updated on new developments in your market that might impact positioning.
  • Share competitive insights with your team in an exciting, thought-provoking review session.

Strategy and Messaging:

Data is easy to come by and difficult to make sense of. Insight to Action looks at the information you have assembled already, as well as a cadre of new data, to extrapolate the most meaningful findings. We break  it down into an actionable plan for growth.

End Goals: 

  • Put you in the driver’s seat with intelligence that will aid decision-making.
  • Provide you with a board meeting-ready executive summary.
  • Give your agency a creative brief that passes the learning on.
  • Translate research into go-to-market actions you can implement today and tomorrow.

Why Choose Insight to Action as Your Brand Positioning Consulting Firm?

The top brand consulting firms know that insights mean little without action. Yet, they also know when to speak and when to listen.

Our approach to positioning is driven by listening to the target consumer, first and foremost. 

We all know that most decision-making is driven by emotion, so we analyze several behavioral cues to ascertain a person’s true feelings about your brand. We know that seeing and hearing the energy of a respondent’s answer will provide the gut-level perception of a positioning statement’s strength that you can’t get from an online survey.

The result is a sound positioning strategy that unites relevant functional benefits under an emotional benefit umbrella that resonates powerfully with the consumer. 

A Record of Success as the Best Brand Messaging Consulting

As the top brand positioning consulting firm in Los Angeles, we bring years of Fortune 500 brand-building expertise and can share positioning best practices and proven growth strategies with your organization. Our clients include leading global brands, such as Kraft, Flexera, McDonald’s, McCain, Johnson & Johnson, and Walmart.

Brand Positioning Case Studies

Our proven track record of success is evident in the projects we’ve completed.

B2B Brand Positioning: Automotive

We worked with Eagle Ottawa, the world’s leading brand of automotive leather, to develop a B2B positioning strategy for a fully recycled leather, called E-Leather. The challenge was to convince automotive manufacturing decision makers that E-Leather would make their hybrid and electric vehicles more appealing to car buyers in the green generation.

Read the case study

B2C Brand Positioning: Breakfast Brands

We were challenged to develop a compelling positioning strategy across two well-known breakfast brands, Quaker and Tropicana, to increase customer loyalty and grow retail space.

Read the case study

B2C Brand Positioning: Grass Seed Market

We partnered with Scotts to relaunch and position an innovative grass seed that competed in the premium portion of the U.S. grass seed market. The challenge was identifying how to stand out in this highly competitive space.

Read the case study 

Are You Ready to Be Our Next Success Story?

Insight to Action is the brand positioning and messaging consulting firm that enables your business to grow. We’re located in Los Angeles, CA, but we serve organizations around the world. Our nimble perspective to positioning and messaging drills down to your core competencies and differentiating features to proactively secure and maintain top industry placement for your brand. We illuminate your brand’s strengths, allowing you to achieve consistent sales growth and market penetration now and into the future.

We’re ready to help you drive growth. Let’s connect.

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