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3 Positioning Strategy Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities

3 Positioning Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities

Nike, Supreme and Peloton See Success in Different Ways

Here are three positioning examples of successful apparel brands that illustrate some of the possibilities and opportunities for positioning approaches. In any given category, there are many ways to position a brand. Some brands take a purely functional approach, while others build in emotional elements to try to set themselves apart from competition.   Nike, Supreme and Peloton each have a different starting point and focus.

Nike Positioning Example:  Empowering the Consumer

3 Positioning Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities
AboutNike is an established  $44 billion business with strong growth (up 19% versus 2019).  The brand launched in 1967 and plays in both footwear and sports apparel.
Target Consumer  Athletes  
  Mission“Bring the Inspiration and Innovation to Every Athlete In the World”
Positioning ApproachNike is an example of a brand positioning to the consumer – helping all athletes achieve their goals.  Their famous tagline “Just Do It” is a direct call to action to the consumer and how the brand can help them achieve their aspirational and functional goals.

Supreme Positioning Example:  Exclusivity

3 Positioning Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities
AboutSupreme started out a small skateboarding store in New York in 1994 and has since transformed into a billion-dollar business with major brand collaborations in apparel and footwear  
Target Consumer  Young urban skaters and artists  
Mission“global community; working with generations of artists, photographers, designers, musicians, filmmakers, and writers who defied conventions and contributed to its unique identity and attitude”
Positioning ApproachThrough exclusive collaborations with major brands, Supreme has positioned itself as an authentic, high-quality brand of one-of-kind streetwear.   Supreme intentionally sets drop-dates for their products and only releases them in limited quantities to ensure sellouts and product exclusivity.  

Peloton Apparel Positioning Example: Community

3 Positioning Examples Illustrate the Many Possibilities
AboutThe Peloton brand is mostly known for its stationary bikes, but in 2013 they also launched apparel offerings.  The company has been rapidly growing, with apparel driving over an estimated $15 million in sales. We’ve previously written about the brand’s aspirational brand positioning framework.  
Target Consumer  Peloton member community (1.6 million strong and growing)  
  Mission  “This is our Strength” “Peloton Apparel is built to move—designed for style and inspired by you”  
Positioning ApproachPeloton Apparel plays in the athleisure space – offering premium apparel that can be used to work-out and wear every day.  However, what sets them apart is the overarching community positioning it aims to create with all of its product offerings.  The brand is rooted in creating a sense of community belonging for all its members.  

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