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Vistage Chair

Executive Coaching Services

Join Michal Clements, L.A.-Based Vistage Chair and Executive Coach

Michal Clements, Vistage Chair and founder of Insight to Action, coaches a highly selective group of both emerging and established leaders to grow their business and develop their teams. She works with Chief Executives and leaders of South Bay and Southern California businesses, as well as executives of the world’s most recognized brands (e.g., Ford, Gatorade, Mastercard, Vanguard, Kraft, Tylenol, Similac, Stella).

Michal brings twenty years of success in executive coaching services and business growth consulting, using proven approaches to drive growth across diverse industries. Her experience has shown her that looking outside your own business and industry leads to breakthrough growth.

Vistage Executive Coaching: Our Method for Success

Vistage members participate in monthly Peer Advisory Board & Mentoring Group meetings, also called Roundtable Mastermind meetings. Facilitated by Michal Clements, these meetings offer a disciplined approach to arrive at solutions for the most challenging business problems they face. Periodically, outside experts join these meetings to share their knowledge and relevant business techniques.


One-on-one coaching sessions with Michal serve to inspire a renewed focus on growing their business and team, as well as to gain input to shape future group agendas and speakers to meet their ever-changing challenges.

Find Your Fit

Successful executive coaching is all about finding the right fit for you. Michal may be well-positioned to partner with you for Vistage executive coaching services if you are:

  1. Dedicated to learning, growing, and developing as a leader
  2. Committed to growing your business
  3. Open to feedback from peers and new viewpoints from other industries
  4. Willing to share your own viewpoint and be vulnerable with your peer group
  5. Ready to take action and make decisions after sufficient issue exploration

Michal works with CEOs and leaders from a diverse array of Los Angeles-based industries, including:

High Tech
  • eCommerce
  • Semiconductors, robotics
  • Online gaming payments
Health & Wellness
  • Mental health clinics
  • Pet care and fitness
Boutique Hotels
  • Trial law
Real Estate & Property Management
Financial Services
  • Commercial & Private Lending
Environmental Consulting
Executive Search
Forensic Engineering

Leadership Articles By Michal:

Ready to Take the First Step in Investing in Yourself?

Michal Clements, Vistage Chair and Executive Coach, is also the founder of Insight to Action, a top L.A.-based market research firm offering game-changing business strategy and growth consultations to a global portfolio of clients.

    Business Strategy and Consulting Services from a Leading Market Research Firm

    Insight to Action is a global influencer in B2B and B2C market intelligence, branding, growth, and positioning opportunities. Our world-class clients are led by senior advisors and consultants offering customized market research services that lead to powerful insights, actionable results, and measurable growth.

    Insight to Action consulting services include:
    • Growth strategy
    • Positioning
    • Brand strategy
    • Market segmentation
    • Innovation strategy
    • Multichannel distribution strategy
    • Competitive assessment
    • Naming
    • Customer segmentation
    • New products