Michal Clements, Executive CoachAs a Vistage Chair, Michal Clements coaches a highly selective group of emerging and proven leaders to grow their business and develop their teams. She works with Chief Executives and leaders of South Bay and Southern California businesses as well as executives of the world’s most recognized brands (e.g., Ford, Gatorade, Mastercard, Vanguard, Kraft, Tylenol, Similac, Stella). She brings proven approaches to drive growth from twenty years of career success across diverse industries including food, tech, software, financial services, personal care, medical devices, manufacturing, entertainment, beverages (alcoholic and non alcoholic), education, CPG, automotive, not-for-profit and travel. Her experience has shown her that looking outside your own business and industry leads to breakthrough growth.

The Vistage coaching practice includes three primary aspects for your business:

  1. Each month, facilitating Chief Executive Roundtable Mastermind meetings, using a disciplined approach to arrive at solutions for the most challenging business problems you face
  2. Bringing outside experts to the meetings periodically to share their knowledge and techniques relevant to your business
  3. One on one coaching sessions with each Chief Executive to focus on growing their business and team, and also gain their input to shape future group Roundtable Mastermind agendas and speakers to meet their needs

Executive Coaching is all about finding the right fit. The type of Chief Executive who is the best fit partnering with Michal is one who is:

  1. Dedicated to learning, growing and developing as a leader
  2. Committed to growing their business
  3. Open to feedback from peers and new viewpoints from other industries
  4. Willing to share their own viewpoint with peers and be vulnerable with the peer group
  5. Ultimately, takes action and makes decisions after sufficient issue exploration

If this sounds like you, contact us today for a meeting!