Captique Case Study

The Challenge

Create A Highly Appealing Brand Name For A New Product.

Industry: Healthcare

A global healthcare client developed a new product to reduce moderate to severe facial wrinkles. The product would be marketed to plastic surgeons and dermatologists for outpatient administration.

The client wanted to find a name for this product that would have high appeal to both consumers and medical professionals and could be used in the U.S. and Canada, and ideally also in six European countries and Japan.

Two previous efforts at developing appropriate name candidates had been attempted and failed before we were asked to generate 3-5 brand name candidates from which senior management could choose.

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Insight To Action's Approach

A multi-step process has identified the highest potential names from literally hundreds of candidates


Business Results:

“Captique” stands out as a sexy, beautiful name that is easy to pronounce.

Relative Level of Appeal

(Captique Difference from
Customer Average Mean)

Ease of Pronunciation

(Total Percent Agree
Captique Very/Extremely Easy)


Connotes Relevant Benefits

(Total Percent Agree Describes Captique)
  • Reflects Youthful 15%
  • Conveys Beauty 31%
  • Feeling of Safety (Medical) 6%
  • Sexy 35%

Customer Verbatims*

It is appealing to hear, sounds like something good at the fragrance counter and does not sound medical as do the others
It sounds like a procedure that is associated with looking good.  Much like an expensive make-up/cream
It reminds me of capturing my youth again—with a new beautiful face—no lines or wrinkles

Captique’s In-Office Promotion, Inserts, Packaging and Patient Information Promote Its Positioning As a Gel Hyaluronic Acid Line Remover in Inamed’s Family of Dermal Filler Facial Aesthetic Products

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